Latest vjoon K4 Simplifies Publication of Financial Statements

  • Excel handling: Tables and figures stay up to date with instant refreshing
  • Image handling in InCopy: Modify viewframe and position, replacing
  • Font management: On board with integrated Extensis Universal Type Server
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: CC 2015 and shared content for DPS supported
  • Regional adaptation: Japanese localization

vjoon GmbH, a leading provider of software solutions for managing digital content, has released the latest version 6.10 R2 of its cross-media publishing platform vjoon K4®. This new release ships with many features designed to optimize workflows for publishers and enterprises, particularly for financial statements. While the preceding version had already supported anchored images—that is, pictures that go with the text flow—in the layout, R2 now offers the same feature for placed Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. What's more, images can now be modified by the editor or copywriter directly in InCopy without requiring a layout designer's assistance. And now that the platform has been integrated with the Extensis® Universal Type Server®, reliable font management is an exercise in convenience. As of this release, vjoon K4 supports the latest Adobe CC 2015 version and HTML libraries used in any article can now be managed as shared content for Adobe DPS 2015. A localized Japanese version has also been released in response to growing demand for vjoon K4 in Asia.

Images handled in InCopy; Excel spreadsheets and Word documents go with the flow of the layout

Many magazine publishers simply can't do without anchored images and tables that are locked into the flow of the layout. This is also a must-have capability for financial statements where sentences and paragraphs refer directly to figures in charts and tables. Late amendments and additions to these reports are nothing unusual. With version 6.10, these images and tables can be conveniently managed and anchored at any point in the text. The pictures and tables simply go with the flow when text is edited or amended, even when entire paragraphs are shifted. These anchored objects are not just limited to artworks; they can also be Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and video clips.

In addition, images can now be handled directly in InCopy. Free to crop, position, and replace images as they see fit, editors and copywriters are no longer as reliant on layout artists or graphic designers and, for that matter, on InDesign. The figures in Excel spreadsheets such as balance sheets and P&L statements anchored in the layout are always kept up to date. The view in the layout is refreshed when figures are changed in Excel. Financial reports are so much easier to publish with version 6.10's optimized workflows and GUI.

Integrated with the Extensis Universal Type Server for ultra reliable font management

The right fonts are crucial to rendering documents correctly; the wrong fonts can wreak havoc on a design. Regardless of how well a program handles fonts and how skilled the designer may be, the output document will not be true to the designer's intent and vision if the selected fonts are unavailable. Quality is a key issue for enterprises and publishing houses alike, and time and costs are of equal concern. Publishers need workflows that deliver print and digital publications faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively. Automated publishing processes involving many fonts are now far more reliable and efficient with the benefit of the newly integrated Extensis Universal Type Server. When a layout is opened in vjoon K4, the InDesign file is scanned for FontSense™ information. If the InDesign server is up and running, precisely these fonts are automatically selected in the Universal Type Server via Extensis Font Link™. An alert is given if any font use exceeds licensing. Now that the two systems are integrated, the automated workflows in vjoon K4 can serve to verify fonts in any publication, thereby minimizing errors and avoiding delays for companies that use many fonts. The benefits of this function are greatest for documents that vjoon K4 processes automatically in the background. “The integration of vjoon K4 with Extensis font management solutions represents significant advancements in quality, time and cost savings for automated publishers,” said Toby Martin, Vice President of Development & Strategy at Extensis. “Response from customers indicates this will solve the serious problems fonts can inflict upon the publishing workflow. We’re excited about the difference our collaboration can make for this industry.”

The latest concurrently released version of axaio MadeToPrint fully supports vjoon K4's newly integrated font management capabilities.

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