Server & Application Hosting

Selcom provide website design, build and hosting solutions for a large number of clients. We can host single home pages or large corporate, information rich sites.

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Application hosting and integration

Housed in a purpose built environment, your website will be hosted on one of our high specification servers. We provide complete support packages and maintain all services relating to security, connectivity, and disaster recovery.

We provide dedicated application hosting that allows you to integrate your back-end database systems with front-of-house service offerings. If your organisation utilizes Microsoft Internet solutions like ASP, .NET and SQL or Linux based solutions like PHP, Python, Ruby and Perl, we have the hosting environment to support all of your Internet applications. We also host Microsoft Access, Filemaker, mySQL, and 4D database applications.

Content Management

If you have already invested in Microsoft Internet technologies, or are thinking of doing so, Selcom has a comprehensive content management system which enables structured site development and control. Our system, based on Microsoft .NET and SQL, is fully customiseable and enables effective distributed publishing models and the control of multiple sites across a single server. Our CMS is specifically designed to allow your organisation to capture, manage and publish information, through a variety of medium, efficiently and quickly without the need of several programmers or dedicated IT resource.

If you are considering Linux based technologies, we also have a comprehensive content management system running on a classic LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack that offers similar features to our Microsoft based CMS.

Hosting solutions

Selcom web space

If you require a small or medium sized web hosting solution and are looking to reduce the total cost of ownership, our 'shared web space' solution is ideal for individuals and small to medium sized corporate web sites.


'Shared web space' provides you with complete peace of mind. Your site is hosted on one of our secure, high performance servers with full connectivity to the Internet. You retain full control of your site and you have the option to utilize a set of fully functional applications developed by Selcom. Alternatively, we can take on the site management and development for you. We provide a range of services from web page maintenance to application integration and design.

Selcom dedicated

If your requirements go beyond a simple shared hosting solution, Selcom can provide you with your own dedicated server. Running the latest Microsoft Windows or Ubuntu Linux OS, you will have complete control of your Internet environment and the freedom to install your own server applications. With full remote control access, you take control of the server at the application level. Selcom manage the OS, connectivity, security and backups to leave you free to concentrate on development.

Selcom co-locate

Selcom co-locate' enables you to site your own equipment in our purpose built environment, with the flexibility to run whatever type of server or applications you want.


You take full control of your server, while Selcom manage connectivity, security and backups. We also offer a full 'remote-hands' facility and should you need us, we will happily work with you to ensure that your Internet service is a success.

Selcom Broadband

Ensure your business stays connected with a high-speed Selcom Broadband Business service. Selcom supplies ADSL broadband and fibre based solutions to UK businesses giving you even greater flexibility, functionality and support.

Internet services - summary

  • Page layout and site structure
  • HTML editor compatibility and site management tools
  • HTML standards – W3C, Browser compatibility
  • Scripting
  • Domain name registration and administration
  • Shared web space
  • Website maintenance and page updates
  • Content management and development
  • Dedicated server management
  • Application hosting
  • Co-locate services
  • WatchGuard firebox solutions
  • System management and maintenance
  • Search engine registration
  • Website management reports
  • Secure Website Certificates - SSL
  • Selcom is a nominet member. We can provide all registration and DNS administration services for your domains. Click here for further information.

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