New visual content management system

webflow dynamic list

Since 2013, Selcom web designers have been using Webflow to build websites visually—in the browser, and without writing code. But until now, if you needed a content management system, we needed to use a developer to port the design into MURA, our open source content management system.

That is until now!

Meet the world's first visual content management system

With Webflow CMS, Selcom can build completely customised websites powered by dynamic content.

And when we say custom, we don’t just mean that you control every aspect of the look and feel.

We mean truly custom. Meaning that you, the client, define both how content is structured, how it looks on the site. Selcom designers can now create a dynamic site without messing about with code or databases.

When the site has gone live, you can or colleagues can update content using an intuitive WYSIWIG editor.

Selcom can now deliver dynamic websites at a competative price because we can define, design, and publish powerful, dynamic websites, without requiring a developer or even looking at code.

Wondering what sorts of sites you can build with Webflow CMS? Have a look at some of the available templates or client example sites