Multi-channel Publishing

Selcom are UK integrators for the vjoon K4 Mulit-channel Editorial Publishing system. vjoon K4 is the ideal Cross-Media Publishing Platform for creative and editorial teams to collaborate efficiently. Developed specifically to work with the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (CCS) it is a versatile, powerful multi-channel publishing system for delivering your content to print, web or mobile devices

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Key Benefits

  • Fully integrated with Adobe CSS which includes InDesign, Adobe InCopy and Photoshop
  • Publish the same content or alternatively, create different versions of content for print, web and tablet (fully integrated with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, for mobile publishing)
  • Review status of print and tablet/moblie layouts using K4 Overview
  • Remote workers can create, edit and publish articles using most common web browsers
  • Exchange copy or layout information with other users with K4 Sticky Notes
  • Configure and mange your publication workflows with ease, no technical skills required
  • Task based workflows. Meaning editors, designers, copywriters and managers can focus on their own roles, enabling writing, layout design, photo editing and editorial review to proceed simultaneously and collaboratively
  • Full version control to track copy changes and protect content
  • Manage practically any file type – HTML, Word documents, image files, rich media, PDFs, XML, Excel files and PowerPoint
  • Automatic email notifications update and inform relevant staff of status or prgress of each article, image or publication
  • Streamline complex processes, including generating XML files for the Web and .folio files for the iPad and other tablets

Digtal Asset Management (DAM) K4 Integration

The Selcom DAM is fully integrated with K4 and enables publishers to upload, publish and share digital assets, internally or externally, for production, marketing or commercial purposes. Typically our DAM is used for managing company-owned material as well as for archiving print and on-line publications and assets. Granular permission rights at an individual, group and object level, ensure users can only download or use assets they are allowed to see. The Selcom DAM can be integrated with Publsihing Systems like K4 to provide advanced searching, retrieval and archiving of images which can be configured and customised to meet any particular editorial workflow.

Web Content Management System (CMS) K4 integration

The Selcom Web Content Management Ssytem (WCMS), platform is developed on an open source framework and fully integrated with K4. The CMS is responsive and can automatically identify which device is being used. Therefore, content is dynamically optimised and published to the correct viewpoint screen size whether users are viewing on a desktop, tablet or mobile devices
Publishers can can easily:-

  • Enter content for articles in K4 before publishing to any channel ie. they can choose to publish to print first or web first
  • Enter content for articles in the Web CMS first and then export to K4 to produce print, tablet and mobile editions

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