Disaster Recovery Service

Selcom Systems manages it's own data centre. At a pre-agreed time intervals Selcom’s back up servers will scan our client’s data and back up any changed file since the last scan. This service is utlised by companies across the UK as a standard offsite back / disaster recovery solution.

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As an integral part of Selcom’s server farm we host email filters scanning thousands of emails an hour. We scan them for spam rating, viruses and size. This filter is part of the Barracuda Networks worldwide email security solution.

The email filter will scan all emails prior to sending to our clients server and strip out any spam and any mail containing viruses. Emails are stored on the server for a negotiated time, and if a clients email server is offline all mail can be re-routed or stored until the it is back online

Site-to-site Relication Option

For added resilience Selcom can provide site-to-site replication between our ISO 27001 accredited data centre and our ISO accredited partner sites in the UK or to one of your own data centres. This means that even if there is a problem at our data centre, the back-up server in our partner site will failover and your business will function as normal.

If you are a public sector organisation we can easily set up site-to-site replication between your in-house data centre and our data centre.

As part of the implementation a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery policy will be fully documented and agreed by both Parties.


Scenario 1 – Data Server Outage 

You get into the office on a Monday morning and there has been a power outage over the weekend that has blown a part in the server.

What do you do?

  • Call Selcom
  • A Selcom engineer will configure the firewall and give key users remote access to your data which has been backed up to Selcom
  • An engineer will then be sent to your site to assess and fix the server

Scenario 2 – Office Fire

You have had a fire at your office and the offices are out of bounds. All data and emails are stored in the office.

What do you do?

  • Call Selcom
  • A Selcom engineer will configure the firewall and give key users remote access to your back up

Using the data back up Selcom can setup a temporary office for keys users so your business can continue to run.

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